I’m so glad to finally be starting this blog. I’ve been very interested in Indigenous initiatives in a variety of cultures for a long time, and when I started an Open Knowledge MOOC [Massive Open Online Course], it seemed an ideal time to explore those interests. I have written up a number of posts for the purpose of this course that will showcase my trial and error process of understanding and exploring the ideas, solutions, problems, and ongoing discussions surrounding Indigenous communities and cultural protection, preservation, and emerging technologies.

A bit about me: I’m a graduate student in Library and Information Studies in Vancouver, BC. My name is Becky. I have a great deal of enthusiasm, and sometimes a lack of technical skills (this was meant to be a video blog – that will be work for another day). As I I am a born and raised Canadian, most of my information will be related back to how these processes, technologies and more could affect First Nations communities, as I am more familiar with history and political background here. However, I am interested in more global concepts of Indigenous knowledge initiatives, and if anyone reads this and has comments/ thoughts / criticisms/ contributions, I would love to hear them.

Looking forward to posting more,